Wheeler & Associates services include:

  • QuickBooks training and accounting services;
  • Tax planning and income tax preparation;
  • Business advisory services; and
  • Audit, review and compliation engagements.

  • QuickBooks Training & Accounting Services

    With a certified QuickBooks advisor on staff, Wheeler & Associates provides the training and support to assist you in operating your business accounting software effectively. We can provide the following training and support for QuickBooks users:

    Income Tax Planning and Income Tax Return Preparation

    Both state and federal income tax laws remain complicated and are forever changing. Engaging a qualified income tax planner and income tax return preparer has rarely been more important. We can help you plan to reduce and defer your tax liability while remaining in compliance with income tax laws. Wheeler & Associates offers the following income tax services:

    • Business income tax entity selection;

    • Income tax planning and income tax return preparation for all entities including individuals, trusts, corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies – both state and federal;

    • Preparation of state and local tax returns such as sales tax, payroll tax, personal property and income tax returns; and

    • Income tax audit avoidance counsel and representation for local, state and federal government tax audits.

    We believe that effective income tax planning is an on-going process. We commit to plan with you year-round to ensure that you maximize your tax planning opportunities and avoid unpleasant surprises at the eventual time of filing your income tax return.

    Business Advisory Services

    Wheeler & Associates would like to have more of a relationship with you than just being an accountant or income tax return preparer. We would like to assist you in meeting long-term objectives and specific strategies relevant to your company’s overall success and profitability. When applicable, we will utilize strategic alliances to bring you or your business the resources it needs from other professionals.

    Wheeler & Associates can offer advice and guidance in the following areas:

    • Accounting software selection and implementation;
    • Analysis and “due diligence” procedures relating to purposed business purchases;
    • Break-even analysis;
    • Business succession planning;
    • Business valuation;
    • Cash management;
    • Employer/employee and independent contractor issues;
    • Entity comparison and selection;
    • Financial planning and budgeting controls;
    • Fringe benefits to the small business owner;
    • Lease vs purchase decisions;
    • New business start-up procedures;
    • Operations planning and control;
    • Payroll support services (or outsourcing);
    • Performance measurement systems;
    • Review of contracts concerning tax and financial issues (but not legal); and
    • Strategic business planning.

      Audit, Review & Compilation Engagement Services

      Because certified public accountants are recognized and respected by the financial community for their regulated consistency in financial reporting, the financial community often requires businesses to present their financial position and results from operations (financial statements) accompanied by an independent report letter issued by a certified public accountant. The three most common report letters relate to audit, review and compilation engagements. These report letters cannot be issued by non-certified public accountants. While banks and other lending institutions typically require a report letter to accompany financial statements as a condition of lending, the insurance industry also requires a report letter with financial statements as a condition of issuing an insurance bond for construction industry businesses.


     Small Business Counselors

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